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Wuyi Zhenwei Biological Science and Technology Co., Ltd has been established from 2001, it is a private and high-technology company and industry leader of botanical origin Higher Aliphatic Alcohols.

Wuyi Zhenwei Biological Science and Technology Co., Ltd is expert of Policosanol. We manufacture Policosanol by our own developed Molecule Distillation technology and sell the same to dozens of countries worldwide. We are honor for all customers satisfaction and recognition. Zhenwei Policosanol has been approved by an independent analysis laboratory in USA in 2004, and Kosher Certificated in 2006. The substantial basis has been set-up under our great efforts for core technology, quality assurance and cost control.
The core value of Zhenwei is our own developed Molecule Distillation technology.

We are totally different from other Policosanol manufactures. Zhenwei gave up traditional solvent extraction process and implemented advanced Molecule Distillation technology. We totally resolved problems of solvent extraction process for solvent residue and heavy metals residue, as well as we save cost effectively by Molecule Distillation technology.

Our customer will win unique advantage for quality and cost by Molecule Distillation technology.

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Wuyi Zhenwei Biological Science and Technology Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Sales Office
Contact Person: Mr. Chen Guangtan
Tel: 0579-87928298
Fax: 0579-87928299
Address:GangTou Industry Park, LvTan, WuYi County, ZheJiang Province, China 321208
E-mail: zwsw@chinapolicosanol.com
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